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Heat Pump Installations

Elevate comfort and savings with our professionally installed cold-climate rebate-eligible heat pumps. Our expert installations ensure optimal efficiency, transforming your space into a cozy haven providing warmth on the chilliest of days and cooling on the warmest of days.

Outdoor Installation Features

Cold-Climate Rated

Units produce heat with outdoor temperatures as cold as -30°C and below.

Elevated Stand for Outdoor Unit

Each unit is placed on a stand to prevent ice buildup, which can cause broken pipes and other damage. This also ensures unobstructed airflow, even during snowfall, so your unit maintains its full capacity without being blocked by snow or other debris.

UV Protected Copper Lineset Insulation

Our lineset insulation is UV-protected to ensure it stays intact for years. Unlike other insulation that breaks down in sunlight, our insulation maintains your system's efficiency, delivering consistent heat and helping you save on electric bills.

Modulating Compressor

Unlike regular compressors that are either fully on or off, these advanced compressors can adjust to use as little as 20% of their power. This means they only use the necessary amount of energy to heat or cool your home, no matter the climate, helping you save on your power bill.

Lineset Cover

This sleek cover protects the pipes running outside your home, enhancing curb appeal while protecting copper pipes and electrical wires from environmental elements.

Surge Protection

All outdoor units are protected from potential power surges by a surge protector installed at the outdoor power disconnect box.

Outdoor Pad

All outdoor units are placed on paving stones or opt for a poured concrete pad for long life and problem-free drainage.

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Indoor Installation Features for Ducted Systems

1. Air Handler Platform

These platforms can be tailored to fit your needs. They come with a 5-inch deep, high-capacity MERV 11 air filter that is easy to replace and lasts longer.

2. Upsized Return Air Duct

Designed for systems needing lower static pressure, this feature improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, lowers noise levels, and enhances comfort.

3. AHU with EC Blower Motor

This advanced blower motor improves efficiency by automatically adjusting airflow to meet your indoor climate needs. It also operates quietly, reduces operating costs, and saves money per cubic foot per minute (CFM) of airflow.

4. Customized Supply Air Duct

Features turning vanes to reduce static pressure when needed. This improves efficiency, reduces operating costs and noise, and ensures better airflow delivery to the furthest rooms in your home.

Quality Heat Pump Brands We Offer

Ducted & Mini-Split Systems

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Rebate Program Registered Contractor

Village Mechanical is a registered member of the Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN) and meets specific trade designation and training qualifications subject to ongoing review and quality assurance checks. Our membership ensures our installations provide access to BC government and utility rebate programs. 

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Apply for the NEW Better Homes Energy Savings Program Rebates to receive up to $16,000 plus a $3000 Northern Top Up towards your new heat pump!

Everyone deserves a healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient home. Based on your household income, the Better Homes BC Energy Savings Program offers enhanced rebates to make energy-saving home upgrades more affordable. We can help you:

  • Lower your monthly energy costs

  • Improve year-round comfort

  • Enjoy healthier indoor air quality

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Income Qualification Requirements

Rebate coverage is based on the combined income of all adults in your home and how many people live in your home, including adults and children.​​

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  • Income level 3 only includes heat pump rebates for homes switching from natural gas, propane, or oil space heating.

  • Better Homes Energy Savings Program rebates for heat pumps in electrically-heated or wood-heated homes, and various energy efficiency and ventilation incentives are only available to participants in income levels 1 and 2. Households at income level 3 that wish to install these measures should apply to the regular CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate programs.

Steps for Installation:

1. Schedule a Home Energy Assessment

Gain valuable insights into your home's energy usage and discover tailored solutions for optimization with a comprehensive home energy assessment performed by a certified energy advisor. You’ll receive a Home EnerGuide report and label that provides added value to selling your property and unlocking future rebates. Plus, receive a precise heat loss calculation to select the ideal-sized heat pump for maximum comfort and efficiency. The pre-assessment evaluation includes rebate application services for Federal and Provincial energy retrofit programs and valued at $950 + tax (an optional post-assessment is available for an additional $250 + tax)

2. Estimate Walkthrough

Next, prepare for a detailed walkthrough of your home, where our expert technician will assess various factors crucial for your heat pump installation. From determining the best placement for indoor and outdoor units to evaluating airflow and ductwork compatibility, every aspect is meticulously examined. Additionally, considerations like electrical panel capacity and code compliance for gas appliances are addressed during this visit. The visit can take between 1-2 hours and the fee is $300 + tax but will be credited toward installation costs if you decide to move forward with the installation.

3. Ensure Electrical Compatibility

Prioritize safety and efficiency by confirming your electrical panel's capacity to support the new heat pump equipment. If uncertainty arises, an electrician can conduct a thorough panel load calculation to determine if an upgrade is necessary before proceeding with installation. This step ensures a seamless transition to a more energy-efficient home heating solution. You can help this step along by logging into your BC Hydro account and request an hourly report for the past year.

4. Professional Installation

Once all assessments and preparations are complete, it's time for the installation of your new heat pump system. Rely on experienced professionals to handle the setup with precision and care, ensuring all components are installed correctly and efficiently.

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